Amnesia Lemon • from 3.20€/g

Amnesia Lemon • from 3.20€/g



Lemon without Limits

THC 0.36%CBD 10.03%

  • Brand: Fatto a Modino
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

Fatto a Modino presents the products of its 2022 harvest, the fruits of continuous passionate commitment and respect for nature . All coming from the countryside of Fiesole and made, necessarily, in modino.

Amnesia Lemon impresses with its strong aroma of fresh lemon. Selected precisely for the presence of limonene, a trait of the traditional Amnesia variety, this Lemon stands out for its intensity and freshness, reminding us why lemons have often been the first love for many. With spicy and smoky notes under a citrusy blanket, this variety is direct and assertive , new… and familiar.

Memento Lemons.

  • Fresh Lemon Essence with Floral Accents and Incense Scent
  • Compact buds
  • Eco Friendly packaging

Cannabinoid profile

  • THC: <LOQ (<LOQ Below Limit of Quantitation)

  • THCA: 0.41%

  • Total THC: 0.36% (THCA * 0.877 + THC)

  • CBD: 0.21%

  • CBDA: 11.20%

  • Total CBD: 10.03% (CBDa * 0.877 + CBD)

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