Fotonica • from 3.20€/g

Fotonica • from 3.20€/g



Variegated Extract

THC 0.39%CBD 10.63%

  • Brand: Fatto a Modino
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

Fatto a Modino presents the products of its 2022 harvest, the fruits of continuous passionate commitment and respect for nature . All coming from the countryside of Fiesole and made, necessarily, in modino.

From the compact buds full of trichomes, Fotonica reconfirms itself, for the 2022 selection, as a variety with a complex aroma presenting a broad spectrum on the nose . Alongside a sour base of acidic fruits, such as raspberry or red currant, we find the sweet presence of ripe summer fruits alongside decidedly spicy notes such as vanilla or the hint of fresh licorice root.

Alchemical amalgam.

  • Fruity and floral scents with spicy notes
  • Compact buds
  • Eco Friendly packaging

Cannabinoid profile

  • THC: 0.10%

  • THCA: 0.33%

  • Total THC: 0.39% (THCA * 0.877 + THC)

  • CBD: 0.81%

  • CBDA: 11.20%

  • Total CBD: 10.63% (CBDa * 0.877 + CBD)

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