Funky Town Indoor • 9€/g

Funky Town Indoor • 9€/g


Funky Fresh

THC 0.50%CBD 14.49%

Pack of 2 grams

  • Brand: Centofuochi
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

Centofuochi has established itself over the years as a true jewel of indoor cannabis production in Italy. A veteran's experience and an intense passion , like the emotions of the Salerno area, come together in wise care and a superior standard.

Funky Town is characterized by a fascinating mix of spicy and fruity sweet. Vanilla notes combined with wild strawberry and cherry candy accents blend with a fresh floral base and tart hints of raspberry and lime. This balanced mix is ​​housed in compact, light green buds loaded with trichomes .

The Ideal City.

  • Spicy and fruity notes with fresh accents
  • Compact buds
  • Indoor hydroponic cultivation

Cannabinoid profile

  • THC: 0.05%

  • THCA: 0.53%

  • Total THC: 0.50% (THCA * 0.877 + THC)

  • CBD: 0.43%

  • CBDA: 16.04%

  • Total CBD: 14.49% (CBDa * 0.877 + CBD)

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