CBD Oil 10% Isolate

CBD Oil 10% Isolate



Expression of Purity

THC absentCBD 9.88%

    • Brand: CJ’s Weed
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CJ's Weed CBD Oil 10% Isolate is produced exclusively with high quality ingredients of its own production : from cannabidiol from its own legal weed plants to extra virgin olive oil extracted from its own harvest, in the most classic of Tuscan traditions . Furthermore, CBD is extracted using only the most valuable parts of the cannabis plant by discarding stems, leaves and seeds.

This CBD oil is isolated as it contains only cannabidiol (CBD) without any trace of other hemp cannabinoids such as thc or other plant compounds.

The 10% solution is suitable for many uses as it has a discreet and easily dosable percentage of CBD.

CBD Oil 10% Isolate is presented as a solution in which cannabidiol (CBD) is tasteless and odourless, the only aromatic properties are those of the highest quality EVO oil. All ingredients come from the autumn 2021 harvest.

Natural Wellness.

  • CBD isolate 10%
  • Pack of 10ml
  • Diluted in extra virgin olive oil

Cannabinoid profile

  • THC: <LOQ

  • THCA: <LOQ

  • Total THC: <LOQ (<LOQ Below Limit of Quantitation)

  • CBD: 9.88%

  • CBDA: <LOQ

  • Total CBD: 9.88% (CBDa * 0.877 + CBD)

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