HHC: love of cannabis or the god of money?

There is much interest in a chemical compound little known until recently: HHC.

Occurring naturally in hemp in minute, 'trace' level quantities , it is often promoted online as THC's cousin with a number of seemingly positive attributes.

In fact, it is easy to find several articles where the emphasis is placed on the fact that it would bind to the same receptors to which THC binds causing "similar" effects and that, not being a compound explicitly prohibited in many countries, it would therefore be "legal" and very probably safe to add to legal cannabis, or nebulized, sprayed on inflorescences of Cannabis Sativa L. Finally, this compound would be very easy to synthesize in the laboratory with a hydrogenation process , similar for example to the processes with which vegetable oil is transformed in margarine. The more attentive point out that there are no data on the safety or otherwise of this compound while some often seem to infer how the natural origin of the compound found in traces in cannabis can somehow guarantee a supposed safety of use of the synthetic compound.

We at WeeDiamo have decided to take a clear and unequivocal position : we will never treat synthetic compounds or inflorescences or extracts treated in any way with foreign compounds, regardless of their origin.

We believe that the hemp plant is a fantastic natural laboratory and we want to support the culture and cultivation of this wonderful plant by supporting those who produce it with passion. Laboratories are fundamental allies for this industry, both for research, certification and also for production when we consider high quality extracts and distillates; however we believe that promoting a synthetic compound is strongly negative for the whole supply chain in addition to health concerns given the bad medical reputation that most compounds traditionally obtained by hydrogenation have.

Another important point concerns the orientation of the cannabis sector itself, and in the Italian case of "light" cannabis. In fact, if the intention is really to liberalize the recreational use of psychotropic substances, we believe that we should focus more on the fight against prohibition and the promotion of the natural plant rather than trying to circumvent or shorten the problem by introducing on the market a synthetic compound which, together with the cultivated plant, has little to do. It seems legitimate to ask what is the will that drives some to promote such a product: love for cannabis or for the god of money?

In our opinion, it is also crucial to dwell on how the introduction and free sale of such a compound could expose the whole industry to political-cultural attacks that would have a more consistent foothold than in the past, without mentioning how legally we do not believe that there is this gray area that some say , those who lived in the early 2000s will in fact remember how the famous Smart Shops ended up, which had been open for a couple of years before having to drastically close their doors.

Finally, it also seems to be legally risky for a dealer to venture down the HHC route. In this regard and regarding the history of the discovery of the compound, we recommend reading this article by Dolce Vita , as always very well researched, concise and straight to the point .

WeeDiamo deals only with natural products and extracts derived from natural sources, without any compound or synthetic product. We support anti-prohibition and the socio-cultural struggle to liberalise, decriminalize or legalize the use of cannabis and cannabis extracts in all its natural forms.