• FAQs

  • Does WeeDiamo produce the products it sells directly? What is WeeDiamo?

    WeeDiamo resells and distributes third party products. We are proud to select and promote individual producers who with passion, dedication and techniques that respect nature make the fruits of their labor available. WeeDiamo offers a careful selection of high quality products that respect natural and organic cultivation methods without obscuring those who deserve to have their abilities and particularities as a producer recognized. From this point of view, WeeDiamo strongly sides with those who see in the cannabis trade an opportunity for green, cooperative and sustainable economic development , in the enhancement of the supply chain with regard to regionality and against any model that tends towards rapid and monopolizing enrichment.

  • What are CBD and THC?

    All types of Cannabis contain a minimum of over 85 types of cannabinoids of which the two main ones are THC and CBD. While CBD (cannabidiol) has no psychoactive effects and is therefore not subject to any legal limit, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) has psychoactive effects, so its concentration is limited to 0.5% in cannabis flowers so that the product can be freely marketed in Italy. Within this limit set by Italian law, it is believed that THC has no psychoactive effect. For more information on cannabinoids and cannabis we urge you to consult the relevant literature.

  • Are your products legal?

    Yes, all products promoted and distributed by WeeDiamo are legal and regulated by current Italian law (Law 242 of 2 December 2016). At WeeDiamo we take great care in independently verifying the laboratory values ​​of the products we promote, making sure that all chemical values ​​fall within the strict legal terms. In this way we intend to provide a further guarantee which is added to that of the manufacturer. From our website you can download the certified analyzes of the reference batches required by law for each product.

  • Where do your products come from?

    We seek only high quality cannabis produced in Italy by producers who are passionate and dedicated to setting industry standards . Without producers there is no product and for this simple and fundamental reason we firmly believe in the enhancement and promotion of those who produce. At WeeDiamo we see the quality producer as a collaborator, not a competitor, but a partner with whom to share the desire to offer the highest quality on the market.

  • Do I have to be of legal age to purchase products from WeeDiamo?

    Although the law does not impose such limits, we have decided to sell our products only to adults residing in Italy. We reserve the right to ask to be able to verify the age of the customer who receives an order in the case of home delivery (delivery).

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    Cash [Delivery] · Bank transfer Paypal Credit/Debit/Prepaid Cards (through the Paypal system: click on Paypal and follow the instructions for card payments; it is not necessary to have a Paypal account)

  • Is there a minimum order threshold?

    There is no minimum order threshold ! Neither for delivery nor for shipments. Furthermore, for orders over € 39, shipping is free .

  • Do you also pay for shipping? What about home delivery?

    Shipping payment is required for all orders under €39 . Above this threshold, shipping is free . If you live in the municipality of Florence, home delivery is always free!

  • Are your packages discreet?

    In respect of the privacy of our customers, all our products are packaged discreetly to ensure confidentiality of the content during delivery.