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At WeeDiamo we consider quality as an absolute priority, which is why we decided to collaborate with Dolce Vita as the magazine's official reseller: a true Italian cornerstone of professionalism and expertise on the world of cannabis.

Dolce Vita • Alternative Lifestyle Magazine

Superior Quality Flower Hunters

What does Weediamo stand for?

Weediamo is a project based on our love for Cannabis.

Our name literally means "we give weed" (Weed + Diamo)!

As we operate in a young and scarcely regulated market that faces the stigma of cultural prejudice, here at Weediamo we'd like to help define the best commercial policies to ensure a great experience for the end "user".... you!

Our main commitment at this stage is to promote our local (Tuscan, Italian) CBD-rich cannabis production by focusing our energy only on the most dedicated, professional and passionate producers that are raising the bar in italian production standards.

Weediamo is rooted in Florence, Tuscany, but it reaches all of Italy.

To all EU visitors: contact us if you are searching for CBD-rich cannabis with a THC limit of 0,2%/0,3%. Please contact us for any additional info or insight about our policies and products.

Giving you an excellent service is what we strive for.


There's no produce without producers!

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