CJ's Weed


CJ's Weed is rooted in Certaldo (FI), a beautiful town in the Val d'Elsa, and an area dedicated to agriculture since the time of the Medici.

The small company was born in 2019 and is passionately dedicated to the cultivation of Cannabis rich in CBD organically without the use of chemicals .

The greenhouses are located among the vineyards and olive trees and enjoy the same care and respect for the natural rhythms inherited from ancient times .

Each phase of cultivation, harvesting and trimming is handled strictly by hand and the curing of the cbd flowers is rigorously slow and methodical .

CJ's Weed produces legal weed and quality extracts , an expression of its land and its passion for cultivation.

CJ's Weed sells cbd flowers and oils which use the extra virgin olive oil produced from the same olive trees that grow right next to the hemp plants.

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