Eroica • Erba Ribelle


In the heart of Mugello there is a corner of steep land where Eroica - Erba Ribelle is produced.

With a rigorous passion for the organic and a dedication to biodynamic cultivation, Eroica - Erba Ribelle is cultivated in unique conditions also by virtue of the uncontaminated nature of this particular pre-Apennine corner.

Through the use of valuable raw materials in the enrichment of soil and taking into account the celestial influences , it is possible to obtain a vegetative and flowering phase not only without the use of chemical or mineral products but also without any major adjustments. This allows to focus more on controlling the structural development of plants and maintaining optimal growth conditions .

After harvest and drying, the crucial phase of curing begins where the best conditions are ensured for the buds to be able to maintain terpenes and cannabinoids through the slow biochemical processes that continue for months in the buds. Eroica - Erba Ribelle cures their buds for nothing less than 3/4 months.

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Orange Spice • from 3,66€/gram Orange Spice • from 3,66€/gram


Orange Spice • from 3,66€/gram

2g • 7,80€/g

...and Everything Nice!

THC 0,48%CBD 11,81%


Fruit Dream • from 3,66€/gram Fruit Dream • from 3,66€/gram


Fruit Dream • from 3,66€/gram

1g • 8,50€/g

Dreams Do Come True!

THC 0,49%CBD 11,86%