Fatto a Modino


In Tuscany we say " Fatto a Modo" when something is done well, and in many areas when something done looks meticulously cared for, it is often also said " Fatto a Modino " .

It is with this meticulous care that Cannabis Sativa L. plants are grown in a family-owned plot of land in the hills around Fiesole , all grown a Modino , in fact.

Fatto a Modino cultivates outdoors with water obtained from an artesian well, respecting the natural cycles .
The company produces their own compost used for fertilization, instead of using chemical or industrial products, and the legal herb flowers are processed exclusively by hand after having dried them naturally, or a Modino!

Fatto a Modino promotes ethical and passionate agriculture and rejects the exploitative view of the farmer's profession, with the aim of re-establishing a new balance between environment, producer and consumer.

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