CBD isolate oil and full spectrum CBD oil: what, how and why

What is CBD oil

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids present in cannabis plants and is one of the most important both in terms of concentration and beneficial effects on the body.

CBD has no psychotropic effects or side effects and interacts positively with the human endocannabinoid system by promoting the action of homeostasis that this system has, i.e. the maintenance of internal balance, starting from the level of the individual cells of which we are composed.

The cannabinoid endo system itself, and the use of CBD that binds to it, help to naturally regulate processes such as eating, sleeping, relaxing, the functioning of the immune system and inflammation states.
CBD oil is used for many specific uses such as relieving pain, anxiety states, to promote physical recovery, sleep, muscle relaxation and appetite and for many other purposes.

CBD oil is an oily solution that contains a cannabis extract containing at least CBD (isolate or the largest of all cannabinoids) in an inert solvent such as olive oil or coconut oil.

Based on the presence or absence of other cannabinoids or other compounds of the cannabis plant, CBD oil can be isolated, broad spectrum or full spectrum.

CBD oil isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum

When CBD oil contains only cannabidiol as the only cannabinoid/cannabis compound, therefore isolated from the other elements found in the plant, it is called isolated CBD oil , or isolate.

When the CBD oil contains more cannabinoids (such as CBG and CBN) but without any trace of THC it is called broad spectrum CBD oil .

Finally, when CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids extracted from cannabis we are dealing with a full spectrum CBD oil .

The latter oil also contains THC but in minimal quantities and within the limits established by law which ensure the absence of any appreciable psychotropic effect. However, it is the presence of the whole phytocomplex of the plant that ensures the maintenance of the potential of the original capabilities of the plant in the aromatic, cosmetic and therapeutic fields.

The idea is that all the active components of the plant, taken together and in a natural relationship, have greater efficacy in therapeutic uses: this is the phenomenon known as the " entourage effect ".

The indications of percentages that we find on all CBD oils (5%,10%,20%,30%) refer to the amount of CBD present in percentage in solution. Even in full spectrum oils, cannabidiol is always the cannabinoid with the highest concentrations in these solutions.

Higher or lower concentrations of CBD can have different uses, based on different reasons for use and differences in effects and efficacy found among different people. As with all natural extracts it is good practice to test the lower concentrations first to find out which concentration best suits your needs.

What is CBD oil used for?

CBD oil is used to treat many different conditions. This is because of the special relationship between cannabinoids from cannabis and our endocannabinoid system .

Cannabinoids bind to receptors of the cannabinoid system (CB1, CB2) promoting completely natural processes and the basis of a variety of functions. This is why both at the level of individual testimonials and ad hoc scientific studies there are beneficial effects on a wide range of conditions and processes.

For its pain-relieving properties it is used in cases of:

  • Chronic pain
  • Sclerosis
  • Arthritis/osteoarthritis
  • neuralgia
  • Oncological therapies
  • Muscle spasms

Due to the regulating properties of serotonin, it is used for states of:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Post Traumatic Disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Inappetence

Due to its action on brain cells and the central nervous system, in addition to its antipsychotic properties , it can help treat:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Epilepsy / Seizures
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Mental Disorders
  • Addiction

Due to its antioxidant, anti-stress and blood sugar regulation properties, it can have beneficial effects on:

  • Circulatory system (post-stroke, heart attack, etc.)
  • Diabetes
  • Post Workout/Exercise Cardiovascular Recovery

Due to the muscle relaxant effects together with the other regulating properties of the endocannabinoid system, positive effects are found in the area of:

  • Sportsman (muscle recovery, cardiovascular, serotonin regulation…)
  • Veterinary (with uses similar to humans, particularly for dogs, horses and cats)

Furthermore, for all the properties listed above, the use of CBD and extracts containing cannabinoids is used to counteract the symptoms of tumor diseases and mitigate the side effects of anticancer treatments. Even many studies (not to mention the direct testimonies) suggest how CBD and cannabinoids in general can be decisive in the direct fight against various forms of cancer to the point of being considered at present as very promising for fighting cancer .

Does CBD have side effects?

The use of CBD and CBD-based extracts is not associated with the dangers of overdose or relevant side effects that can cause serious problems. Unlike drugs that tend to block certain natural processes in the body to obtain mitigating effects on certain symptoms, the use of CBD, by enhancing the functioning of the endocannabinoid system, promotes beneficial effects in a natural way and which aims to solve the root problem rather than simply blocking certain symptoms. From this point of view, some effects such as drowsiness, muscle relaxation and stimulation of the digestive system are to be considered mild and do not affect psychophysical abilities compared, for example, to the traditional side effects of certain drugs such as sleeping pills or antidepressants.

In any case, it is advisable for subjects who already use drugs and in general for anyone intending to use CBD for important or chronic clinical conditions to always consult a doctor first.

How to take CBD oil and in what dosage?

CBD oil can be taken easily by using the dispenser to apply drops under the tongue. The amount and choice of different concentrations (5%, 10%, 20%, 30%...) depends on several factors including the fact that each tends to have effects of different strengths. As already mentioned it is good practice to test the lower concentrations first to find out which concentration best suits your needs.
At the moment, in Italy, CBD oil is not yet regulated for human use, for this reason it is not possible to find indications on the intake on the label but rather the products on the market will have a status of cosmetic or collector's item .

Where can I order quality CBD oil?

In our shop you will find our selection of isolated and full spectrum oils produced in Italy with care and passion in full compliance with the best natural, biological and laboratory practices and with reliable and verifiable origin. Weediamo promotes the brands of origin of the selected oils in the spirit of support and promotion of the excellence of Italian farms. Each product is certified and the original laboratory analyzes can be consulted on the description page of each individual item.
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