Lemon Kush Small Buds • from 2,70€/g

Lemon Kush Small Buds • from 2,70€/g


Purple Hearted

THC 0,43%CBD 11,22%

  • Brand: Area CBD
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

AreaCBD proudly presents its 2023 harvest, produced with organic and natural methods and with a superior quality standard. This legal weed is grown in the charming hills of Montepulciano with passion, care and dedication.

This strain delivers a very earthy aroma, typical of the kush varieties, with a solid base of sour lemon and delicate floral notes. The buds reveal a great color contrast between shades of deep purple and the light orange hairs. An ideal choice for those seeking a citrusy and tangy, yet earthy and nonaggressive, terpene mix.

Woodland Lemon Blend.

  • Earthy with Notes of Sour Lemon and Floral Accents
  • Outdoor
  • Small Buds (<2cm)

Cannabinoids Profile

  • THC: 0,03%

  • THCA: 0,46%

  • THC totale: 0,43% (THCA * 0,877 + THC)

  • CBD: 0,30%

  • CBDA: 12,45%

  • CBD totale: 11,22% (CBDa * 0,877 + CBD)

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