Pink Lady • from 3,20€/g

Pink Lady • from 3,20€/g


Elegant Companion

THC 0,50%CBD 9,53%

  • Brand: Radice Vitalis
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

Radice Vitalis, a newly established farm in the renowned Vinci (FI), proudly presents its first, legal weed crop, grown with natural and organic methods and a healthy dose of passion and great attention to detail. The 2023 harvest is proving to be of high quality and is just waiting to be put to the test.

Pink Lady lives up to its name with a fresh and delicate appeal. The buds, studded with light orange hairs offer, initially, a distinct sensation of fresh, floral green aromats. This distinctive but unobtrusive facade is undercut by a complexity of root and bark spice notes, with a barely perceptible sweetness.

Day or Night Delight

  • Fresh Floral Notes with Earthy Spices
  • Outdoor
  • CBD:THC - 19:1

Cannabinoids Profile

  • THC: 0,02%

  • THCA: 0,36%

  • THC totale: 0,50% (THCA * 0,877 + THC)

  • CBD: 0,10%

  • CBDA: 10,75%

  • CBD totale: 9,53% (CBDa * 0,877 + CBD)

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