XMAX V3 PRO - VERY PERI - Herb and wax vaporizer

XMAX V3 PRO - VERY PERI - Herb and wax vaporizer


Extremely portable

Ultra Portable Convection VaporizerStealthy FormatFlexible Use: Session or On Demand

  • Brand: XMAX
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

Xmax is a leading brand of portable vaporizers for dry herbs and concentrates. Xmax vaporizers are highly appreciated worldwide and have established a reputation over the years for high quality build and ease of use offered at accessible prices.

Latest in the "V" series, the V3 Pro from Xmax features a convection heating system in an extremely portable and user-friendly format. With a pen-like style format in an integrated aluminum alloy body, this vaporizer stands out for its ease of use and its stealthyness.

The convection system ensures pure vapor very quickly (15s) while the magnetic nozzle with scraper and funnel-shaped heating chamber make loading/unloading quick and easy.

The included magnetic nozzle with ceramic core can be replaced with one of the accessories designed for the V3 Pro such as the glass bubbler, which can help make the draw even softer.

There are two modes of use: Session and On Demand. Session can be 4 or 6 minutes, time in which the set temperature is maintained. In On Demand mode, an uncommon option for this price range, the temperature is set manually and actually reached by then holding down the power button for up to 30s. In both cases, the haptic feedback will activate when the temperature has been reached and when the heating or device automatically turns off.

The device is as easy to fill and empty with the magnetic nozzle and recessed heating chamber, as it is easy to perform the occasional routine cleaning with the included tools and a little isopropyl alcohol.

Xmax's V3 Pro is designed for durability with its interchangeable 18650 3.7v 2550mAh lithium battery (40-60 minutes duration): just an additional battery is enough to extend the life or increase the vaping time of the device.

  • Format - Pen Style
  • Nozzle (interior) - Ceramic
  • Nozzle - Magnetic with Scraper
  • Wax Cup - 1 Container for concentrated waxes included
  • Warranty - 12 months
  • Heating / Time - Convection / 15s
  • Heating Chamber - Stainless Steel
  • Temperatures - 100° - 220° gradual
  • Display - Oled
  • Battery - Lithium 2550mAh (replaceable)
  • Modes - Session(4 or 6 minutes), On Demand (30s)
  • On/Off - Click the power button 3 times
  • Change Session Timer - Press and hold the power button and "Up" simultaneously
  • Change Mode (Session / On Demand) - Press and hold the "Up" and "Down" button simultaneously
  • Dimensions - 2.6cm * 2.4cm * 15cm
  • Charging - USB-C (5v/1A)

In the Box:

  • XMax V3 Pro vaporizer Very Peri
  • Wax Cup
  • USB-C cable
  • Brush
  • Cleaning tool
  • Alcohol wipes (4)
  • Cotton swabs (3)
  • Instruction manual


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