Burbuka Cream • from 3€/gram

Burbuka Cream • from 3€/gram


Fantastic Classic

THC 0,26%CBD 29,12%

  • Brand: Cbdeal
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CBDeal's 2023 harvest picks are the result of a wise selection from many varieties of high quality legal weed and hash. CBDeal prioritises great value over anything else offering the best quality at affordable prices.

Burbuka Cream is a hash in the classic Moroccan style, very pliable and soft but without being too sticky. With a fine paste and colors ranging from a dark brown to lighter shade of brown when cut, this Burbuka is distinguished by a fresh, earthy aroma with spicy and floral notes.

Grounded Incense

  • Fresh and Earthy Aroma with Pine Notes and Floral Accents
  • Fine Grain
  • High CBD Value

Cannabinoids Profile

  • THC: 0,24%

  • THCA: 0,02%

  • THC totale: 0,26% (THCA * 0,877 + THC)

  • CBD: 25,52%

  • CBDA: 4,10%

  • CBD totale: 29,12% (CBDa * 0,877 + CBD)

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