BZ1 • da 3,20€/gram

BZ1 • da 3,20€/gram


Balanced Blend

THC 0,43%CBD 13,08%

  • Brand: Trasimeno Farmers
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

In the lush Umbrian countryside, within a protected natural area and close to the largest lake in central Italy, lies Trasimeno Farmers: a farm focused on the love for agriculture and cannabis. The 2023 legal weed harvest conveys all the care and passion invested and delivered with precision, timing and ancient gestures, all strictly organic!

Trasimeno Farmers' BZ1 evokes hints of toasted nuts and delicate flowers with a spiced profile. The compact, robust buds have notes of hazelnut and mild lavender with a spiced, slightly sweet edge in contrast to little sour undertones. A balanced mix for every occasion.

Special Smokey Spiciness

  • Smokey Spiced Notes with Floral Accents
  • Outdoor
  • Compact Buds

Cannabinoids Profile

  • THC: 0,02%

  • THCA: 0,46%

  • THC totale: 0,43% (THCA * 0,877 + THC)

  • CBD: 0,27%

  • CBDA: 14,9%

  • CBD totale: 13,08% (CBDa * 0,877 + CBD)

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